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An Appeal

An appeal for donation

Our Society “Raghunathpur Nabajagaran Society” is a community voluntary development organization-CVDO engaged with sustainable rural community development activities under various paradigms of social-service sectors at the vulnerable areas falling under Sundarban impact zones(the largest deltaic regions in the world: declared a heritage site by UNESCO)in South 24- Parganas district of West Bengal, India. Since its inception, the organization has been focusing its developmental activities so as to generate maximum program benefits to the scores of marginalized, disadvantageous, deprived, down-trodden, wretched, poorest-of-the-poor and have-not’s sections of the society. 

As we are aware that the year 2020 has been a tormenting year for the civilization of our Mother Earth as COVID-19 pandemic has halted the entire Universe, “economic meltdown” has put the entire global economy in a dire straits. It is in this grim background, one shudder to think about promoting and coordinating voluntary philanthropic institutions, like us, when, frankly speaking: mobilizing monetary resources for facilitating community developmental activities, on a sustained way, is a near insurmountable task. It is in the said grim situations, the undersigned, on behalf of the SOCIETY is appealing to all kind hearted parsons both in our country and abroad, donor agencies of our country and abroad, corporate enterprises of our country and abroad to donate generously for facilitating and furthering our relentless propoor community developmental activities. 

The interested donor agencies may send their donation through our following Bank Account:
Our organization is registered u/s. 12AA & 80-G(5)(VI) of Income Tax Act, 1961.
With kindest regards and thanks,
   Yours truly,
Goutam Naskar. Secretary.

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